Shirley’s Fashion Show

In this post, you’ll get to see my indoor photography skills! Or lack thereof. I think I need a tripod. And more lighting. 🙂

I took the indoor ones in about 10 min before packing up my dolls for our current move.

Enjoy! 😉

“Where’s Becca?” Shirley hated waiting around when there was something she wanted done.

“I just saw her.” Nellie replied. “She thought this was just general Girl of the Year style that we were doing, not specifically 2015.”

“Oh…so where is she, then?” Shirley asked.

“Outside, parading around dramatically in Lea’s Celebration Dress.” Rose said moodily. “At least she actually wanted to participate in this thing.”

DSC_0723 C.jpg

Rose thought that standing around in a skirt was for sissies and she wasn’t pleased that Shirley had roped her into her ‘fashion show’.

“The dress looks really good on her.” Ivy said.

DSC_0321 C“We’ll have to do it without Becca, I guess.” Nellie said reluctantly. 

“You guess?!? We are not canceling this amazing fashion show just because of one participant!” Exclaimed Shirley.

“Okay, okay.” said Rose, still a little belligerent. “So who’s gonna judge?” 

“Judge?” asked Shirley blankly.

“Yeah, it’s not a real fashion show if someone doesn’t rate who’s best and worst.” replied Rose.

Shirley vanished.

“I guess she forgot about that part. I wonder who—” began Nellie.

DSC_0312 C.jpgShirley returned, dragging Charlotte.

DSC_0317 C

“Charlotte!” cried Ivy and Nellie. Rose was focused on something else:

“Shirley! You are wearing the shoes for MY outfit. That were by my bed last night.”

DSC_0327 C.jpg

“Ya snooze ya lose!” said Shirley.

“What’s going on? I need sleep!” mumbled Charlotte.

“It’s 8am!” cried Shirley. (Shirley really had no call to say anything as she often had to be dragged out of bed.)

“I didn’t get home from filming until 5am. The director wanted us to be realistically tired.” Charlotte was still in the Twilight Zone.

“But we need you to judge!” Shirley said. Things weren’t going as nicely as she’d planned.
“Fine.” said Charlotte. “And then I’m going back to bed. And you’d better not disturb me unless it’s a REAL emergency.”

“Okay.” said Shirley.

The four girls lined up against the wall while Charlotte waited. 

DSC_0329 C“Interesting use of pieces from different outfits, Shirley. +1 for the headband and another +1 for the t-shirt. And -2 for taking another contestant’s accessories without permission.” said Charlotte

“HEY!” cried Shirley. “But–” 

“Moving on.” Charlotte said, ignoring her. “Ivy, I like the use of the shorts from a completely different collection. And the matching earrings. +2 for you.”

Ivy smiled happily but didn’t look at Shirley.

“Rose, I like the little bow in your hair. +1 for you.” continued Charlotte. “And Nellie, the mini french braid in your hair is…interesting. +1 for you as well. Which makes Ivy the winner. Goodnight guys. Nellie’s in charge. Now, please—don’t bother me unless it’s an emergency!”

DSC_0300 C.jpg


Next post: More pictures from my photo shoot with Becca. 🙂

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2 Responses to Shirley’s Fashion Show

  1. Oh my GOODNESS — Charlotte is BEAUTIFUL! What doll is she? Did you customize her?

    HAHA your dolls are so funny and awesome!


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