Becca in Celebration

Hello amazing world!

Today I have for your viewing pleasure a photo shoot of Becca in Lea’s Celebration Outfit. (Barrette from Rebecca’s Meet.)

DSC_0718 C

DSC_0722 C

DSC_0731 C

The light streaks/lens flares are all over her face.

DSC_0732 C

I like this one.

DSC_0733 CDSC_0734 C.jpg

DSC_0735 C.jpg

DSC_0736 C.jpg

Frizzy hair! 😛

DSC_0740 C.jpgDSC_0739 C.jpgDSC_0738 C.jpgWhy is it that the lens flares/light streaks are all on her FACE!?! 🙂

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A Patriotic American. An American Girl Fan.
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2 Responses to Becca in Celebration

  1. Gracie says:

    Great pictures! Becca looks pretty in that dress! A couple of my favorites are the second and the last!

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