AG Detroit and…!!!

Hey! So yesterday my amazing Mom drove with me to AG Detriot (which has so many lovely parking spots…no parking garages, yay!).

It’s classified as ‘temporary’, so they don’t have quite as much selection as the flagship stores. The store is actually inside Twelve Oaks Mall (2nd floor, by Nordstroms).

DSC_0858 C.jpgI didn’t end up taking any photographs of the AG Place but I did haul my camera around the ENTIRE time. 😀

The store wasn’t CRAZY BUSY like Chicago often is, but it was definitely never deserted. The staff was pleasantly friendly/helpful, but let me wander around on my own, too, without shadowing me. 😉

I made a list before I went and I’m so glad I did.

They didn’t have everything in stock that I was looking for, but my amazing salesperson ordered it for me. I had typed next to each item the price it showed online with all the discounts I’d managed to pick up. She made sure I got those prices, even when it had to be manually entered in because something was wrong with the system! (It probably would have helped if I’d had the SKU numbers, too, but I didn’t.)

I really wish I took pictures now…this post would have been so much more interesting. Sorry about that!

But don’t worry…I’ve got some very picture heavy reviews to do now! 🙂

Especially since I got this lovely little number prior to heading to AG:

DSC_0865 C.jpg

Yup! I somehow was one of the lucky few who received the ‘random’ 20% off coupon!!!!

*Update:* (Wed-Aug 2)

Apparently AG has been having technical difficulties. I called to check on my order because I had not received a confirmation email or any other indicator that my order was actually placed/shipped.

I waited on hold only to find out their system was down, but AG did call me back and at last get the order placed, with the promise that all my discounts and the double points would stay intact.

Fortunately I was able to pick up several things in the store, so I do have a couple new items to review. So… *hint hint* stay tuned! 🙂

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