Review: Josefina’s Bed & Bedding (BeForever)

Hello radiant readers!

(Radiant–does that word make you think of anything? 🙂 )

Josefina’s Bed & Bedding retails for $85. But, of course, I didn’t pay full price. No, ‘cuz I’m way more awesome than that. 🙂 The set was part of AG’s ‘school sales’.

So–the bed and bedding come in a typical AG Beforever box, with bubble wrap to keep it all cosy.

DSC_0987 C.jpg

The bed comes in 3 main pieces plus a thin board on top to lay the mattress on. The side pieces have 2 holes. One goes part way–the peg on the middle section slides into that–and the other goes all the way through, so you can use this lovely Phillips-head screw assembly to…assemble. 😉

DSC_0993 C.jpg

Basically you unscrew that extra little piece off the screw and use that, popped in another access, to hold the screw in place. (I’m so great at technical language! 😉 )

DSC_0991 C.jpg

This incredibly fuzzy picture is me attempting to screw a screw and photograph at the same time. Yeah, not so great at multi-tasking. 😉 AG did put a little Phillips-head driver in with the set so you don’t have to go scrounge up your own that is most likely in some box. Although you might want to–my pocket knife was so much easier to turn.

DSC_0992 C.jpg

This little plastic piece you pop over the end screw hole. Like Emily’s Bed. AG did a decent job of matching the plastic piece to the wood, I must say.

TIP: Make sure the screws are nice and tight before you pop the plastic covers on. Otherwise you will have to take the time of enlisting the help of a pocketknife and even your teeth to remove them! 😀 Like me.

DSC_0995 C.jpgThe mattress is a little wider than the bed which I rather like. 🙂

DSC_1000 C.jpg

The blanket is a little thinner/more orangey than I was expecting, but it’s okay.

The airplane pillow is not AG. 

I haven’t decided if I’ll keep this as Stuart’s bed or not. The nice thing is the frame, mattress and pillow are all neutral and whitish, so the blanket can easily be switched out.

What’d ya think? Did you buy anything from AG’s School Sales? Or wish you did?

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6 Responses to Review: Josefina’s Bed & Bedding (BeForever)

  1. Jewel says:

    That is a really nice bed, Stuart looks good on it!


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Samantha says:

    Cute! I love it! I think that the bed is such an old ag piece, (Ya know, the higher quality era of AG) I really wish I could get it! 😛
    No, I did not get anything from the sales. But I’m going to the AG place LA next Saturday to meet somebody and I have some money saved up so…

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree, Sammy. I love the sturdy wood!
      Have fun at AG LA and have a safe trip…I’ve only been there once, but man, the traffic…! My parents were more willing to drive like 5 hrs to AG Scottsdale. 😉


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