Review: | Maryellen |2D10|Part 1


Today I’ll be reviewing Maryellen’s School Outfit and Maryellen’s Play Outfit.

2D10—also known as 2 dolls, 1 outfit–I show ya’ll 2 dolls modeling 1 outfit and you lovely people get to decide which you like best.

All this with the assistance of 2 dolls. Actually, I just realized how long this post is gonna get if I do that–since I’m letting Lucy and…. since I’m letting 2 dolls run the show today.

So instead, we’ll do part 1 of 2D10, and the second portion tomorrow! 

I feel like this post is going to be even less organized than usual. 😉

Ready? Okay, then I’ll hand over the reins!

DSC_1043 C.jpg


DSC_1044 C.jpg


DSC_1050 C.jpg

Me, Rose! Ha, you thought I was Maryellen, didn’t you? C’mon, fess up. I know I’m wearing Maryellen’s Play Outfit.

DSC_1047 C.jpg

Modeling Maryellen’s School Outfit is…

DSC_1046 C.jpg

DSC_1052 C.jpg

And…another picture of me. My earrings are from Grace’s collection, if anyone cares.

DSC_1054 C.jpg

The human was gonna make me wear the dress, but I swapped with Lucy. Pretty sure she liked wearing it, can you imagine?

DSC_1055 C.jpg

It’s nice when the human manages to get a semi-decent shot with both our eyes lit up. And both of us looking at the camera.

DSC_1057 C.jpg

Unlike this one. And a lot more that you’ll see soon.

DSC_1058 C.jpg

Lucy said the dress seems a bit thin. We don’t have the poofy thing that’s supposed to go under it, but still.

DSC_1059 C.jpg

You know, a lot of these pictures look similar. Like the human was lacking a bit of creativity.

DSC_1062 COr maybe it was ‘cuz I kept shoving Lucy so one or both of us would move or fall.

DSC_1060 C.jpg

Don’t worry, I didn’t hurt her. All she did was giggle, which is why these pictures of her look decent. (Totally not from the human!)DSC_1061 C

The kid’s got grit, though.

DSC_1067 C

I told her I bet she couldn’t push me uphill–especially in a dress.

DSC_1069 C

DSC_1071 CI’m heavier than I look, but she managed to push me a foot or so before the human made us stop so I wouldn’t get grass stains on the new pants.DSC_1068 C

Later that day we went to a different photo location. And the human took more pictures.

DSC_0002 C.jpg

I like the stitching on the pants. The cherries on the shoes and the shirt are embroidered on, but the shirt’s buttons don’t really work–it velcros in front. DSC_0001 C.jpgThe headband is a strip of fabric so you can tie it the way you want, although there is a HUMONGOUS tag in the middle of it (that my hair is covering).DSC_0004 C.jpg

DSC_0006 C.jpg

The human got Lucy to take her hair out of braids for once. With a bit of help from Charlotte! 😀DSC_1089 C

Lucy looks older with her hair down and unbraided. 😯
DSC_1091 CDSC_1088 CLucy’s little bow-thingy at the neck of the dress is pre-tied. The dress is one piece even though it looks like the white should be a separate shirt.

The shoes and what the human calls ‘bobby socks’ came with the dress. Since the shoes are black I’m sure the human will invent tons of ways to make us wear them.

Speaking of black, that dress came with a headband that also has an enormous tag on it:

DSC_1039 C.jpg

We tried it in Lucy’s hair but you couldn’t see it very well. And the human seriously needs to cut that awful tag off.

DSC_1092 C

From the human:

Next post (tomorrow): A few more pictures of Maryellen’s Play Outfit–this time, with Charlotte. I was going to do them in this post, but it was getting pretty long and I didn’t want to overwhelm my lovely readers! 😉

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3 Responses to Review: | Maryellen |2D10|Part 1

  1. KaylynsWorldBlog says:

    I love the photo shoot you took with lucy and rose! I love their outfits!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Xyra says:

    I like both outfits. I have the play outfit somewhere. Really must reorganize and find it before it’s too cold to wear it. 🙂 All he photos were well staged. I like the one of both girls by the brick wall…it made me think they were headed off to school. I’m sorry to hear the purple gingham dress is on the thin side. It’s pretty.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you! Yeah, it’s unfortunate about the thinness…it’s still a lovely outfit, though! 🙂


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