A Victorian…Tree Climber: Part 1 | Photo Shoot


How’s school been treating you?
Life’s pretty crazy over here. I’m taking a break from my studies to upload these pictures! 🙂

So, I took these photos the day before my camera died. And I took A LOT. Which is why I’m breaking them up into two parts!

This first part will be a mixture of Sam in her Special Day Dress (If you don’t own this dress yet, you need it! It looks nice on pretty much any doll. 🙂 ) and her bicycle outfit.

Because I went out too late one day and only got about 5 decent pictures with her bicycle outfit. We’ll do those first, K?

DSC_0001(2) C

DSC_0004(2) C

She’s actually standing on top of our plastic dock that weighs a gazillion pounds. But it sets off her blouse, so…

DSC_0005(2) C

DSC_0012(2) C

I know, I know, I should’ve taken these a bit earlier when there was more light. 😉

DSC_0006(2) C

Okay, now some of the pictures with her Special Day Outfit:

DSC_0021(2) C

Aaah…that’s better. 😀

DSC_0106(2) C

Sam may have borrowed someone’s scooter…

DSC_0108(2) C

And someone’s…dog?

“Hey Pepper, wanna ride?…Oh….that’s right, this scooter was made for a basset puppy. Never mind.”

DSC_0112(2) C.jpg

DSC_0113(2) C.jpg

I’ve used 30 percent of my allowance, but ya know what? I’d rather not reduce the quality of the photos that I work so hard to take! 🙂
DSC_0115(2) C.jpg

Okay, that’s all for now. 🙂

When would you like part 2?

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5 Responses to A Victorian…Tree Climber: Part 1 | Photo Shoot

  1. KaylynsWorldBlog says:

    This is really cute! I would love to see part2!


  2. Nice photos. The outfits are cute too..

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh my goodness! These are AMAZING! I love this so much!


    Liked by 1 person

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