Curly Classics: A Little Gloriana Dress Review


Ready to Review?


I did purchase these items during a Buy One Item, Get a Mystery Item sale thingamabob. These items were not, however, given to me to review or anything like that. I simply purchased the clothing and am now reviewing it. Cool?

These are actually the first non-AG items I’ve purchased in a loooooong time.

Alright, so I purchased the Ava Dress, which retails for $22. I love polka-dots and bows and things…so I had to get it!

The dress is very soft and stretchy, and has an adorable bow on the back! ❤

Here is Shirley wearing it, along with accessories from various American Girl sources.

DSC_5653(2). C.jpg

DSC_5654(3)C.jpg I like this a lot, although I was picturing it an inch or two shorter on the doll. 🙂

Okay, this striped dress came with the purchase of the Ava Dress.

DSC_5658(2). C.jpg

Here is Samantha modeling it, along with AG accessories.

DSC_5659(2). C.jpg

I think this could fit the doll a bit better. It’s kinda baggy in weird places? And the neckline stitching could be a little more even.

And…wait…what’s that–a hole?!?! There’s a hole in my dress? And another…oh no! WHY ARE THERE HOLES IN MY DRESS!?! You can’t really see them in these pictures, but there are definitely holes towards the bottom hem. 😦

DSC_5662(2). C.jpg

And…surprise! A third dress! This patterned dress also came with the other two…?

First off, this was REALLY hard to get on Rose. The top is not that stretchy, and her hands kept catching. The neckline on this is also off.

DSC_5663(2). C.jpgWhen I finally got it on her, I didn’t like the fit of the bodice, which is why she is wearing a sweater. 😦

I really like the length of it on the doll, though. Nicely proportioned.

DSC_5657(2). C.jpg

All accessories are from various AG collections.

DSC_5656(2) C

The skirt is nice and flowy/twirly.

Overall, these pieces are really cute. (Little Gloriana also makes the cutest matching princess dresses…I almost got a doll sized Cinderella one instead of the Ava Dress. And look at their Mini Bow Twirl Dress and Mini June Dress!  I think they’re starting to branch out into boy doll clothing, as well.)

The third dress was a nice surprise.

However: *The neckline stitching could use some improvement. 

                   *The 2 extra dresses, while pretty, definitely had flaws in the fit, as well as the holes in the striped dress. I don’t recall seeing anything about the additional piece that came free being of seconds quality; I was expecting an additional item of comparable quality.

Bottom line: Little Gloriana has some adorable stuff, but could definitely step up their game in the stitching/fit departments. Especially considering I paid a total of $29 (including shipping) for all of this.

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5 Responses to Curly Classics: A Little Gloriana Dress Review

  1. Kaylyn Grace says:

    These outfits look really cute! I am REALLY sorry that there is a hole in one of them! I don’t like holes in my doll clothes.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love the first dress. It’s stylish and a fun length.

    Liked by 1 person

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