Happy Valentine’s Day! (A photo story)

Millie is at a Valentine’s Day party. (Well, really, it’s just a few of her girl cousins.)

They are making flower crowns and eating bonbons, although so far, only Ivy has finished hers.

DSC_5966(2) C.jpg

Why? Because something was left outside their door this morning.

DSC_5967 C

3 Crush cans, with no name on any of them. 😮

DSC_5976(2). C.jpg

“Umm, guys?” says Millie.

Shirley and Kit are too busy discussing the possible suspects to notice, but Ivy hears.

DSC_5976(2)bw C.jpg


I left them! Winston walked with me to the store an’ everything, an’ I can’t write real good yet but Winston said ya’ll would know they’re from me!”

DSC_5964(2). C.jpg

Ivy giggled and took a sip.

“Mmm, it’s DE-licious, Millie. Thanks!”

“Guys, SSSH! We’re trying to figure this out!” admonished Shirley. “Kit, do you think we could set up a security camera or something?”

“Maybe, but it wouldn’t do much good. Valentine’s Day is over.”

“Oh, right,” Shirley said, disappointed.

DSC_5962(2). C.jpg

Millie grinned at Ivy and snatched a bonbon off Shirley’s plate.


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6 Responses to Happy Valentine’s Day! (A photo story)

  1. LOL Crush. I get it….Happy Valentine’s Day! This was so cute!

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  2. Very cute! Well captured and fun!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. agbeyourself says:

    Hilarious! I love your posts!! 💙 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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