The New Girls Help A New Friend

DSC_6993. C.jpg

“So, you really don’t have a name?” asked Linden.

DSC_6997. C.jpg“Nope,” the girl replied sadly.

“Don’t worry,” Linden said, squeezing the girl’s hand. “We’ll think of something.”

DSC_6999. C.jpg“Kit should be here any second, and she’s great with words. I think.” she added.

“Hey guys!” said Kit, nearly falling onto the new girl in her haste. “Sorry I’m late. Grace knocked over the trash can and I had to convince Winston to clean it up.”

DSC_7006. C.jpg

“Sorry, what’s your name again?” asked Kit.

“I um, don’t know. Linden said you’d both help me with one?”

“Yeah, sure! The big person forgets sometimes…like, I was supposed to get a new name, but she forgot. I like being Kit just fine, though. Oh, and these flowers are for you.”DSC_7003. C.jpg

DSC_7004. C.jpg

Kit flopped on the grass next to her pup.

DSC_7008. C.jpg“Kit, focus please?” Linden reminded.

“I’m paying attention!!!” Kit protested.

“Maybe if you told us about yourself that’d help?” Linden said.

DSC_7010. C.jpg

“Oh…sure. Umm…well. My favorite colors are magenta and green, and I’m supposed to go to an Ivy League college when I’m old enough. Between you and me, I’m not sure I want to, but it’s been a thing in my family for several generations, so…” the girl shrugged.

DSC_7009. C.jpg“Does your pup have a name?” murmured Kit from the grass.

“My dog? Oh! No, this pup is from the animal shelter. I’m fostering him.” she shrugged again.

“Hmm…” said Kit. “How about Indigo…or Lavender…”

“For me or the dog?” The girl asked.

DSC_6992. C.jpg

(Please ignore the fact that Kit is once again holding the flowers… 😉 )

So…what do you think of my new girl? 😀

She’s #26 by the way. She was a display doll at Toys R Us, but she’s perfect! And as you’ve probably gathered, she needs a name!
Plus…I now have 6 out of the 9 face molds AG makes. 🙂 I’m only missing #4, MG and Nanea!

Bonus Photos:

DSC_7011 (2). C.jpg

DSC_7012. C.jpg

DSC_7013. C.jpg

DSC_7016. C.jpg

DSC_7018. bw C.jpg

DSC_7017. C.jpg

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7 Responses to The New Girls Help A New Friend

  1. Hannah says:

    Oh goodness, she is lovely! Hmm, maybe Lily or Lyla?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mary E. says:

    What if her name is Daisy!? Since she has Daisy’s in her hand, it would only seem right ya know?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Maybe Maggie or Jasmine?
    Also, I nominated Linden for the AG Q&A Tag here:


    Liked by 1 person

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