Azalea and the Pup: A quick Intro

Hey Everyone!
It’s Azalea again.DSC_6919. C

DSC_6920. C

So…just to clear up and confusion–I’m fostering this Husky puppy, but he’s not mine.

DSC_6921. C

I actually have my very own Scotty dog puppy, Newton! Totally adorable. I’ll introduce you sometime.

DSC_6927. C

DSC_6930. C

DSC_6922. C

DSC_6923. C

But hey, this puppy’s pretty cute.

DSC_6937. C

DSC_6939. C

DSC_6936. C

DSC_6933. C

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A Patriotic American. An American Girl Fan.
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8 Responses to Azalea and the Pup: A quick Intro

  1. I love Azalea’s name! It’s really gorgeous!

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  2. Lu D. says:

    Very pretty pictures! Her outfit is super cute!

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  3. Madison says:

    Aww, the puppy is soooo cute! I love Azalea’s outfit, by the way! Great pictures!
    P.S: I followed your blog, I love all the content you post:)

    Liked by 1 person

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