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Meet Esther!

Does the boy Jess mold count as a separate face mold unto itself? I haven’t decided, but when I saw this wigless, already customized beauty for the perfect price… well…. Meet Esther. Sweet little Esther is apparently what happens when … Continue reading

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Meet Joss! I mean…

Joss, GOTY 2020, is here! Since she has a new face mold, I had to have her! (One of my goals with my collection is to have all the face molds…currently I’m missing #4 and Nanea.) So, meet… Marjorie! I’ll … Continue reading

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Summer instead of Snow

Annnd…here’s a summer throwback of little Millie and Charlotte because it’s still snowy outside. I bought this over the summer when it was on sale–I’d been wanting this trailer for a while! Anyway, it’s adorable and quite heavy! “Would you … Continue reading

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Melody and Mums

Hello! It’s snowing here, so I figured I’d post some of the last doll photos I took while the fall colors were still out! Anyway, here’s Melody and Mums. And of course the fall colors! 🙂

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AG Q&A Tag

Hey, it’s ThePolkaDotPatriot! So ages ago several of you guys tagged us for the AG Q&A Tag! And now, months later, I’m finally posting it… 😉  I just realized that the pictures of Linden in here are from before my … Continue reading

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Memorial Day-ish

Sorry this is a little late…but we should remember our troops’ sacrifices on Memorial Day and all the other days of the year, too! (Scroll down to the end of this post for a beautiful quote that’s much better than … Continue reading

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Melody in “Spring” Pink

Morning, dears! So I guess I never mentioned getting Melody on here…there are a couple other new faces settling in too, which you may see on my Instagram posts. 😉 I got Melody brand new in box for quite a … Continue reading

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Becca’s Winter Outfit (and News!)

Hello beautiful people! It is I, ThePolkaDotPatriot, back again with a Becca photo shoot! But first, some exciting news! I actually WON a category of the Paisley Awards! Jump over here to see Millie accepting the award, then come back … Continue reading

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The 2018 Paisley Awards! (And a quick update)

Hey Lovelies! I’m not ‘back’, but I am still quite active on my Instagram. And I do miss this blog, so perhaps I will be posting occasionally. Christmas break is over, back to work, ha! Anyway, check out the ‘Paisley … Continue reading

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Millie’s New Dress: A Review

Hey Everyone! Long time no post, right? The reason I’ve been absent is because my photo allowance on here in nearly gone. I’ve been debating whether or not to start paying for WordPress membership. In the meantime, here’s Millie! Her … Continue reading

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