Meet the Dolls

Right now I have 21 dolls:

Nellie, Samantha, Shirley (TM 56), Ivy, Emily, Felicity, Rebecca, Charlotte (custom GOTY Lea), Lucy (renamed GOTY Grace), Stuart (renamed Logan doll), Kit, Winston (custom GOTY Jess), Linden (TM 67), Azalea (TM 26), Ezra Finn (custom MG Blaire), Maisie (TM 64), Melody (perhaps to be renamed), Silas (TM 76), Alice (MG), Marjorie (GOTY Joss) and Esther (custom TM 75).

[I also have Wellie Wishers Camille, Kendall, and a customized Ashlyn.]

All their ‘ages’ are approximate. They will stay that age always, unless I decide to grow them up! They’re a happy, exuberant bunch, some siblings and cousins, some just friends. 🙂 They all live in a tiny town named Here and There. 😉

You may view their profiles below:

“The Cousins”:

DSC_0056(2) C


Age: 14

Fav. Color: Green and Pink

Relations: Little brother Stuart, Cousin Becca

Charlotte is an actress and is always turning up with different hair colors and clothing. She’s also a bit of a role model for her younger friends, cousin and brother. She usually takes that responsibility pretty seriously. Charlotte speaks Irish Gaelic fluently.

DSC_0007 C.jpgStuart:

Age: 8

Fav. Color: Red and Dark Blue

Relations: Big sister Charlotte, Cousin Becca

Stuart is a sweet boy who dreams of being a pilot when he grows up. He’s a bit shy, partly due to the fact that he stutters a bit. Stuart plays the violin and loves the outdoors. His closest friend is Lucy, and perhaps Charlotte.

DSC_0732 C


Rebecca “Becca” :

Age: 11

Fav. Color: Periwinkle

Relations: Lives with her cousins Charlotte and Stuart, as well as Lucy and Emily

Becca’s dream is to be an actress. She can be a bit impulsive, and once on the stage it’s difficult to get her off. She considers Charlotte her close friend, but might also be seen with Shirley.

Those Who Live With the Cousins:DSC_0876 C

Lucy Bennett:

Age: 8

Fav. Color: Pink, Blue and Red

Relations: Cousin Emily

Lucy is a friendly little girl who loves sidewalk chalk and anything outside. She’s very girly but doesn’t mind a little dirt. Her closest friends are Stuart and Ivy.

DSC_0845(2) C

Emily Bennett:

Age: 9

Fav. Color: Blue and Red

Relations: Cousin Lucy

A very quiet, sweet, intelligent girl, Emily usually just observes others rather than wading into a conversation. Her ‘siblings’ are all jealous of her British accent. Emily looks up to Charlotte and often greatly relies on Lucy to break the ice, although neither realize it. But between the two of them Emily is beginning to feel right at home.

The “Other Cousins”:

DSC_6519. C


Age: 10

Fav. Color: Pink

Relations: Her sister Ivy–the two live right near the cousins

Shirley is Chatty, Outgoing and Dramatic. She’s happy to be the center of attention but doesn’t care to be on an actual stage. She adores fashion and thinks freckles are nasty. (She’s had them since she was little, but is starting to show signs of losing them.)

DSC_0663(2) CIvy:

Age: 8

Fav. Color: Magenta

Relations: Her sister Shirley

Ivy is competitive and smart. A gymnast, she sometimes has difficulty juggling school and gymnastics. Only her friend, Julie, who she rarely sees now, calls her “Poison Ivy”.

Ivy (as well as her big sister Shirley) is a bit squeamish of the out-of-doors. This sometimes causes conflict in her friendship with Lucy.

DSC_6274 (2). CKit:

Age: 11

Fav. Color: Teal and Red

Relations: Cousin to Shirley and Ivy.

Kit has an obsession with hats and bows, and wants to be a journalist. Since she signs her name Margaret in her newspaper articles, no one’s quite sure what to call her.  She has a habit of turning everything into newspaper headlines–Newsflash: Slightly Annoying.

DSC_5826(2). CWinston:

Age: 12

Fav. Color: Green/Camo

Relations: Little sister Millie, Cousins Shirley, Ivy and Kit

Winston is an Army Brat who grew up on a base in Kentucky. Most people think all there is to Winston is his southern accent and love of all things sports, but he also happens to be pretty smart and dreams of working for NASA when he grows up.  Winston has a lazy eye and is supposed to wear glasses, but he rarely does.

DSC_7044. CMillie:

Age: 4 1/2

Relations: Big brother Winston, Cousin to Shirley, Ivy and Kit

Fav. Color: Blue and Green

Millie is a bubbly, energetic, kind little girl who loves anything fishy. She can read (a little bit) in her southern twang, and everyone at AGHT thinks she’s adorable. 😉

Others to Meet:

DSC_0618. C.jpgFelicity “Lissie”:

Age: 11

Fav. Color: White

Relations: Baby Sister Polly

Lissie is AGHT’s resident animal trainer and wild spirit. She simply adores the outdoors. Always going barefoot, she’s a bit of a ‘farm girl’. She’s very strong because before she came here she was always helping out around her family’s farm or tending to her baby sister. (The latter of which she still does.)

DSC_5521(2). CNellie O’Malley:

Age: 9

Fav. Color: Darker Blue

Relations: She has 2 little sisters, Jenny and Bridget and her adopted sister, Samantha

Nellie is fiercely loyal, practical, and hardworking. She’s always ready to lend a hand. Sometimes her extremely tight-knit friendship with Samantha results in the exclusion of her other friends.

DSC_0134(2) CSamantha “Sam” Parkington:

Age: 9

Fav. Color: Purple and Pink

Relations: Adopted siblings Nellie, Bridget and Jenny

Samantha is kind, curious, caring, and sometimes fanciful. She’s always there for Nellie, who is the only one she allows to call her ‘Sam’. Samantha is a bit gullible and easily snookered into things. She likes to paint.

DSC_6541(2). CLinden:

Age: 12

Fav. Color: Pink/Coral

Relations: She’s the oldest of several sisters

Linden and her family lived in France for 2 years, so she and her sisters are fluent. Now that they’re back home, they love participating in historical reenactments. A bit of a perfectionist, you can count on Linden to find any historical inaccuracies! In her free time, she practices her very historically accurate guitar, plays with her baby sister Violet, or works as a brand rep for several clothing companies.

DSC_6581(2). CViolet “Vivie”:

Age: 5 1/2

Fav. Color: Purple/White

Relations: Linden

Violet is very arts & crafty. She loves participating in historical reenactments along with her big sister.  Although Vivie doesn’t remember much of life before her family moved to France, she’s excited to be back ‘home’ in America.

DSC_7119. CAzalea Daisy Begay:

Age: 12

Fav. Color: Magenta and Lime

Relations: None

Azalea is part Navajo. Her great grandfather was a Code Talker, a fact she is extremely proud of.  Her parents want to keep the family tradition (on her Mom’s side) of attending an Ivy League school, but she’s a bit hesitant.  Linden is one of her good friends, and is starting to rope her into her historical reenactments.

DSC_8671. C.jpg

Periwinkle “Perry” Begay:

Age: 5

Fav. Color: Blue-Gray

Relations: Perry is Azalea’s baby sister.

DSC_8737. C.jpg

Updated Profile Photo

Ezra Finn:

Age: 10

Fav. Color: Blue

Relations: TBD

Ezra is an adventurous little guy. He considers Stuart his closest friend.

[Unfinished Bio]

DSC_8732. C.jpg


Age: 10

Fav. Color: Red and Blue

Relations: Shirley/Ivy, Winston/Millie

Maisie is sort of my version of Maryellen. You’ll primarily see her dressed in 50’s style clothing, her home era. In her time, she’s the only girl in her school’s rifle team, and she’s good–Maisie came 2nd in her state this year! Although Maisie is a great shot, she prefers target and skeet shooting to any actual hunting.

[Unfinished Bio]


Profile Photo


Age: 11

Fav. Color:


[Unfinished Bio]


Profile Photo


Age: 10

Fav. Color: Yellow

Relations: Cousin Marjorie

[Unfinished Bio]




Age: 10

Fav. Color: Pink or Blue

Relations: Cousin Alice

[Unfinished Bio]




Age: 8

Fav. Color: Berry

Relations: TBD

6 Responses to Meet the Dolls

  1. Oh my goodness oh my goodness oh my goodness! Your photos are B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L! I may be convinced into buying Logan now with that awesome picture of Stuart! All of your dolls are gorgeous and your pictures are amazing! 😀


    Liked by 3 people

  2. Xyra says:

    Welcome, Winston. Take care of your eyes buddy; very important depending on what you want to do at NASA.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. quinleytheelf says:

    Your dolls are beautiful!:)

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