Millie’s New Dress: A Review

Hey Everyone!

Long time no post, right?

The reason I’ve been absent is because my photo allowance on here in nearly gone. I’ve been debating whether or not to start paying for WordPress membership.

In the meantime, here’s Millie!

Her adorable dress is from the Etsy shop Designed4Dolls.

DSC_7715. CIt’s a great quality piece.

The only negative thing I have to say is for the postal service–the package came badly damaged and there were ink stains on the dress. Fortunately they’re pretty easy to hide in photos.

DSC_7716. C.jpg

DSC_7719. C.jpg

My family is moving into a house in the next couple weeks. These pictures were all taken there.

The previous owners left a garden behind for us. 😀

Anyone want some tomatoes? We have a LOT. 😉

DSC_7717. C.jpg

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Becca’s Tenney Vibes: A Photo Shoot

Hey everyone!

So, by now, I’m sure you all know of Tenney and Logan’s retirement. In honor of that, here’s a photo shoot with Becca!

DSC_7430. C.jpg

I’m probably going to update her profile photo to one of these. 😀

DSC_7432. C.jpg

DSC_7434. C.jpg

All the pieces of Rebecca’s outfit are currently available from AG! 🙂

DSC_7437. C.jpg

DSC_7438. C.jpg

DSC_7441. C.jpg

Her curls look pretty good for having fallen over about 5 times at this point in the shoot…

DSC_7443. C.jpg

DSC_7444. C.jpg

DSC_7422. C.jpg

DSC_7423. C.jpg

DSC_7424. C.jpg

The reddish light was really nice!
DSC_7425. C.jpg

I love taking pictures in the forest. ❤

DSC_7427. C.jpg

Are you sad that Tenney and Logan are retiring? Will you be buying either of them?

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Azalea and the Pup: A quick Intro

Hey Everyone!
It’s Azalea again.DSC_6919. C

DSC_6920. C

So…just to clear up and confusion–I’m fostering this Husky puppy, but he’s not mine.

DSC_6921. C

I actually have my very own Scotty dog puppy, Newton! Totally adorable. I’ll introduce you sometime.

DSC_6927. C

DSC_6930. C

DSC_6922. C

DSC_6923. C

But hey, this puppy’s pretty cute.

DSC_6937. C

DSC_6939. C

DSC_6936. C

DSC_6933. C

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Linden’s Lacey Dress


Look, it’s pictures of Linden!DSC_6942 (2). C.jpg

DSC_6950 (2).bw C.jpg

DSC_6947. C.jpg

DSC_6951. C.jpg

DSC_6954. C.jpg

DSC_6957 bw C.jpg

DSC_6963. C.jpg

DSC_6966 (2) C.jpg

I still can’t get over these adorable boots. 🙂

DSC_6967. C.jpg

DSC_6968. C.jpg

There’s just so many pretty details on this thing! ❤

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Guess what today is?!?

Hey Everyone!

Last Friday was this blog’s one year anniversary! Today, it’s been one week and one year since AGHT started!
Thank you all for sweet comments you leave here. ❤

DSC_7204. C

(^^^I took this photo with my new indoor lighting set. 😀 )
Here’s to many more to come!


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Millie goes to Niagara Falls! A Photo Story

DSC_7021. C

These flowers were by the hotel we stayed at. We drove through Canada a bit, then to the border crossing by the falls!

DSC_7023 C

Canadian side: there were Ferries and this cable car that went back and forth across the border.

DSC_7069 C

Check out the Ferris wheel! There was a fairly busy street right by the river, quite a lot of pedestrian tourists and $20 CAD parking….we decided to pass. 😉

DSC_7034. C

We crossed over to the U.S. side and found a cool path that went down to the river. Four stories below…

DSC_7035. C

So we stopped and took lots of pics on the way down. 😀

DSC_7036. C

The path was made of rough stones. Very trippy.

DSC_7037. C

DSC_7038. C

DSC_7040. C

DSC_7041. C

DSC_7043. C

DSC_7044. C

DSC_7045. C

Sorry if a lot of these pictures look alike!

It was so pretty, even though I didn’t bring my reflector.

DSC_7047. C

DSC_7049. C


DSC_7050. C

When we finally got to the bottom, there was this big mossy rock wall.

DSC_7053 C

And then…this gorgeous view of the bridge between the two countries, with the mist from the falls in the background. 🙂

But we had to walk up again.

DSC_7061 C

We did finally make it to Niagara Falls State Park, and it was equally beautiful.

DSC_7063 C

So, have you ever been to Niagara Falls?

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Emily By the Lake: A Photo Shoot/Review

DSC_7097. C.jpg

Today I’m reviewing Maryellen’s Vacation Playsuit for dolls, which currently retails for $32.

DSC_7098. C.jpg

Emily looks so stylish!


It can be worn with or without the skirt.

DSC_7103. C.jpg

It’s hard to see her shoes, but they remind me of the ones from Grace’s sightseeing outfit. Except nicer and without bows.

DSC_7104 (2). C

There is only one tiny piece of velcro on this…holding the strap together behind her neck.

DSC_7122. C.jpg

Silly me…I forgot to put the gingham scarf on her! Anyway, that’s adorable, too, and made of the same fabric as the headband in ME’s Play Outfit.

DSC_7124. C.jpg

DSC_7125. C.jpg

DSC_7126. C.jpg

Wanna know a secret?

DSC_7128. C.jpg

I think Emily pulls this off better than Maryellen. 😉

DSC_7129. C.jpg

I don’t know what the little white flowers are, but they’re sure cute!

DSC_7131. C.jpg

DSC_7132. C.jpg

Overall, this is probably one of my favorite newer AG outfits. To me, it has the old AG quality that’s been lacking recently. And the scarf, shoes and skirt seem like they’ll be great mix and match items. 🙂

What do you think? Do you own this outfit, or will you be getting it in the near future?

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