Bridge to Florida: A Photo Shoot

Hey! It’s Kit here with some pictures of me in Florida!

(The human completely forgot about them until now…)DSC_6293 (2). C.jpg

DSC_6290 (2). C.jpg

Anyway, Gracie and I went walking along this big bridge!

DSC_6289 (2). C.jpg

DSC_6287 (2). C.jpg

It was really perfectly beautiful and the weather was soooo nice!DSC_6286 (2). C.jpg

DSC_6281 (2). C.jpg

DSC_6280 (2). C.jpg

DSC_6277 (2). C.jpg

DSC_6276 (2) C.jpg

Should one of these be my new profile photo?

DSC_6275 (2). C.jpg

DSC_6271 (2). C.jpg

DSC_6274 (2). C.jpg

DSC_6269. C.jpgAnd…this was the last picture. Grace was ready to go. (Between you and me…she’s not quite as well trained as I usually claim. 😉 )

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Snowy Spring: A Photo Shoot


Bonjour mes amis!DSC_6590(2). C.jpg

“It’s me, Linden, and my sister Violet! We drove a few hours north for the weekend, and, fantastique! There is still snow here!”

DSC_6591(2). C.jpg

“It’s really cold!” piped Violet.

DSC_6593(2). C.jpg

(Apparently 50 degrees out is really cold to Violet…although they were warm enough to play outside in just T-shirts….)

DSC_6594(2). C.jpg

“It’s not right for a snowball fight, though.” said Violet.

DSC_6599(2). C.jpg

Violet tried, but the ‘snow’ was more mushy ice than anything else….

DSC_6607(2). C.jpg

So instead they posed for pictures.

DSC_6609(2). C.jpg

DSC_6614(2). C.jpg

Well, mostly just Linden…Violet’s a bit squirmy. 😉

DSC_6615(2). C.jpg

DSC_6616(2). C.jpgDSC_6629(2). C.jpg“Can we be done now, Linden?”

DSC_6622(2). C.jpg

“Yes, of course Vivi.”

“Au revoir, everyone!”


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Elite Doll World: a Review with Millie

Today I’ll be reviewing 2 items from Elite Doll World on Etsy!

There was a little difficulty with shipping (the package was supposed to come prior to a trip we went on, but was delayed); the seller was very helpful.

Anyway, the lovely things are here, and here’s my review!

DSC_6457 C.jpg

Inside the manilla envelope, the clothes were individually packaged.

DSC_6459 C.jpg

Both are professionally serged and have a little ‘EDW’ tag.

DSC_6462 C.jpg Here are the leggings on Millie. The elastic was a bit tight to put on her, and you can see lines from her panties. 😉

DSC_6463 C.jpg

You can see a little lump from the leggings under her tunic. (The shoes Millie’s wearing are from the Toys R Us exclusive Wellie outfit that she wore last week.)

DSC_6465 C.jpg

DSC_6468 C.jpg

I was hoping these leggings would work with Millie’s meet shirt, but unfortunately, even without her tighty whities on, you can see her tummy.

DSC_6513. C.jpg

Here is Millie outside our apartment. ❤

Did I mention how SOFT the fabric is? So stretchy and soft–particularly the tunic fabric.

DSC_6558(2). C.jpg

Millie came with us on a trip!

My reflector would have made this so much prettier, but it was windy and there was a surprising number of people, despite the chill.

DSC_6556. C.jpg

DSC_6555(2). C.jpg

DSC_6554(2). C.jpg

Check out all the magical bokeh!

DSC_6553(2). C.jpg

All those enormous buildings in the background? That’s Toronto.

DSC_6551(2). C.jpg

I love this outfit on her, and would definitely recommend this Etsy shop! ❤ ❤ ❤

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So…the TRU sale in my area wasn’t great….basically enough to cover tax.

But…I’d been wanting #67 basically since she was introduced, there was only one #67 left in the entire store…so….

DSC_6543(2). C.jpg

Isn’t she pretty?!?!

I’m thinking of calling her Linden, unless you lovely people have a name I like better. 😉

Personality Sneak Peek:

Her family loves historical reenactments….(that’s where you’ll find her on the weekends) and she speaks French fluently.

For more, go to Meet the Dolls

DSC_6542(2). C.jpg

She’s not quite perfect…

DSC_6541(2). C.jpg

Her left eye is a bit bigger than the right. 😦 Is that normal with Sonali molds?

DSC_6539(3). C.jpg

You can see the unevenness of her eyes a little better in this picture.

DSC_6539(2). C.jpg

And she’s got permapanties.

DSC_6538(3). C.jpg

Yes, she is Violet’s big sis. 😉

DSC_6535(2). C.jpg Her hair is a little terrifying, too…those perfect curls!

But I love her. ❤

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Meet Violet: A Photo Shoot

Yes, I did cave and buy another Wellie Wisher. 😀

DSC_6581(2). C.jpg

DSC_6583(2). C.jpg

Meet Violet–aka Kendall.

DSC_6584(2). C.jpg

DSC_6585(2). C.jpg

Her hair is super easy–after I took it out of those poofy pigtails, I just used a water spritzer and pencil to recurl it.

DSC_6586(2). C.jpg

Isn’t her outfit adorable? So cute and colorful!

DSC_6587(2). C.jpg

DSC_6589(2). C.jpg

Sneak Peek:


Violet and her big sister drove a couple hours north and played in some snow.

Don’t worry, you’ll meet Violet’s big sis soon! 😉

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Millie on the Fence: A Photo Shoot


Today we have Millie wearing one of the exclusive Toys R Us Wellie Outfits. (I bought it/took pictures probably a month ago, but was trying to avoid a spam of Millie pictures, ha! 🙂

DSC_6456(2). C

DSC_6455(2). C.jpg

Remember the photo shoot with Becca from the week before last?

DSC_6488(2). C.jpg

Millie tagged along and got some pictures taken in the same location.

DSC_6489(2). C.jpg

DSC_6490(2). C.jpg

I love this whimsical little dress. ❤

DSC_6491(2). C.jpg The only thing that would be better about this dress is if the lining under the tulle skirt wasn’t so cheap. (Same goes for the shoes that came with it.)

DSC_6493(2). C.jpg Her leggings are from the Etsy shop Elite Doll World. I’ll try to review them (and the top I bought to match) soon.

DSC_6494(2). C.jpg

DSC_6497(2). C.jpg

DSC_6499(2). C.jpg The lighting was just about perfect. 🙂

DSC_6501(2). C.jpg

DSC_6503(2). C.jpg

DSC_6504(2). C.jpg

DSC_6505. C.jpg

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The Skateboarder: A Photo Shoot

DSC_6362. C.jpg

Winston’s parents found out that he’s been taking off his glasses as soon as he’s out of sight…

DSC_6363 C.jpg

Let’s just say he’s wearing them a lot more now. 😉

DSC_6365(2) C.jpg Do you like black and white?

DSC_6366 C.jpg

Or color?

DSC_6367. C.jpg The background lighting here was so perfect. ❤

DSC_6371. C.jpg

DSC_6372. C.jpg

DSC_6375. C.jpg

DSC_6376. C.jpg

DSC_6380. C.jpg

It looks like he’s glowing here ^^^ 😀

DSC_6381. C.jpg

I think I have 1-2 more shoots of Winston in Florida…but I have to go through and look, ha! 😀


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