Stuart: Of Bridges and Bokeh


So…as you can see, I ended up using Rebcake’s title name! Thank you all for the incredible suggestions!

It was so hard to decide–you guys are awesome at this naming thing. 🙂

Enjoy the photo shoot. 😀

DSC_5011(2) C.jpg

DSC_5012(2) C.jpg

DSC_5013(2) C.jpg

DSC_5014(2) C.jpg

DSC_5016(2) C.jpg

DSC_5017(2) C..jpg

DSC_5025(2) C.jpg

DSC_5029(2) C.jpg

DSC_5030(2) C.jpg

DSC_5032(2) C.jpg

DSC_5033 C.jpg

DSC_5035 C.jpg

DSC_5037(2) C.jpg

DSC_5041(2) C.jpgDSC_5038(2) C.jpg

DSC_5042(2) C.jpg

DSC_4986 C.jpg

DSC_4983(3) C

DSC_4980(3) C.jpg


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Enter my (very quick) contest!

Hey world!

So…the next photo shoot I’ll be posting will be of Stuart–and YOU get to name it!

Here’s a sample photo:

DSC_5009(2) C.jpg

Comment down below what you think the title of this shoot should be.


I’m gonna try to post this Monday (hopefully!) so please don’t wait long to comment! I’ll give a shout out to the winner in the post. Good luck!

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Fall 2017: Rose [and Leaves] and Things Part 2

Hello lovelies!
Here is part 2 of my photo shoot with Rose.

(I did use a reflector with these.)

DSC_5170(2) C.jpg

DSC_5171(2) C

DSC_5172(2) C.jpg

DSC_5180(2) C.jpg

DSC_5181(2) C edit.jpg

Yup. I actually edited one. Not sure if I like it, though.

DSC_5181(2) C.jpg

(Normal version)

DSC_5183(2) C.jpg

DSC_5184(2) C.jpg

DSC_5185 (2).JPG

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Lucy in Overalls

Hey there!
So… I got a beautiful deal on Kit’s Hobo Outfit, and Lucy and Stuart have been sharing the various parts of it.

Here is Lucy, looking adorable as always.

I would’ve taken more pictures, but it was 20 F out and I had a thin coat and no hat or gloves!

Anyways… 🙂

DSC_5340(2) C.jpg

It was windy out, too, if you can’t tell… 😉

DSC_5344(2) C.jpg

DSC_5345(2) C.jpg

DSC_5346(2) C.jpg

DSC_5347(2) C.jpg

DSC_5348(2) C.jpg

DSC_5349(2) C.jpg


DSC_5350(2) C (1).jpg

DSC_5350(2) C..jpg

DSC_5338(2) C.jpg

DSC_5149(2) C.jpg

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Fall 2017: Rose [and Mums] and Things Part 1


Happy Thanksgiving!

Just because you don’t have a reflector, doesn’t mean you can’t take nice pictures. This first portion of pictures were taken without a reflector!


Hope you enjoy these pics of Rose…more to come next Monday!

DSC_5130 C.jpg

DSC_5131(2) C.jpg

DSC_5133(2) C edit.jpg

DSC_5134(2) C.jpg

DSC_5135(2) C.jpg

DSC_5136(2) C.jpg

DSC_5137(2) C.jpg

DSC_5138(3) C.jpg

DSC_5141(2) C.jpg

DSC_5148(2) C.jpg

So…Rose’s entire outfit is from AG, but can you identify where each piece is from?


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Quick Pics

Hey world!
So… I might post again later this week (might is very key), but for now here are a couple pics to make up for the lack of Monday’s post.

Why didn’t I post Monday?

Because my teachers were prepping for Thanksgiving break. 🙂

DSC_5362(2) C

Yes! Poor neglected Nellie is finally getting a few pictures!

DSC_5367(2) C.jpgIndoors, no less! (Because I’m a wimp and don’t like to go out when it’s 20 degrees F.)

DSC_5368(2) C-

And a few Christmas tree lights from a store display…

Because I’m one of those weird people that carries their DSLR with giant lens on it into stores.

I didn’t say I do it all the time!

DSC_5352(2) C.jpg

DSC_5355 C.jpg

DSC_5356 C.jpg

DSC_5357 C.jpg

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’d better go hunt up some pictures that aren’t of Lucy… 😉

After homework, of course.

We’ll see what pictures I have, but what doll would you like to see next?


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Lucy in the Fall (circa 1904)

Hello lovelies!

Yes, I know, ANOTHER photo shoot with Lucy. She’s just adorable, okay? I can’t resist… 🙂


DSC_4953 C

DSC_4954(2) C bw

DSC_4955(2) C.jpg

DSC_4956(2) C.jpg

DSC_4957(2) C.jpg


DSC_4960(2) C.jpg

DSC_4962(2) C bw.jpg

DSC_4963(3) C.jpg

DSC_4969(2) C.jpg

DSC_4971(2) C.jpg

DSC_4975(2) C.jpg

DSC_4971(2) C bw.jpg

DSC_4976 C.jpg

DSC_4977(2) C

Ahh….the light in that last one. 🙂

Would anyone be interested in doing a collab?


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