Newsy Notes and Rose

Hey beautiful people!

So…first, the newsy notes:
*I’m on Instagram! @thepolkadotpatriot
*I just started at this year round school so I have hardly any free time. I’m only able to take pictures some weekends.

*My camera (and I) fell into the water shortly before I started school. My incredible Mom ended up buying a new (well, very used and put together from random camera parts, but still functioning) one, and the fate of the other is still unknown. But again, I only have picture-taking ability on the weekends. *Sobs*

Wanna see Rose now? I took these pictures quite a while ago but never got around to posting them… πŸ™‚

DSC_0966(2) C

DSC_0970(2) C

DSC_0967(2) C

DSC_0973(2) C

DSC_0974(4) C

DSC_0971(2) C

So…should I change Rose’s profile pic to one of these? If so, which one?


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Shy Sweatered Sweetness

Who could be described as that?


If you are thinking either Stuart or Emily…




You’re right! πŸ™‚
Okay, I won’t make you scroll anymore.

Emily and Yank went for a walk in the cool fall air.

DSC_0844(2) C

DSC_0845(2) C

DSC_0847(2) C“Look, Yank! The leaves are changing!”DSC_0849 C

DSC_0851 C

“Having a hard time walking through the grass? It’s pretty tall, isn’t it, boy?”

DSC_0853 C

DSC_0852 CI think we’d better head in now. The sun’s setting and it’s rather chilly now. Cheerio!

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Sunlit Charlotte

These were actually taken last summer. The quality is pretty nice in person, if I do say so myself, but of course I’m having to resize everything now. Still slowly running out of room, though! 😦

Anyway, hope you enjoy!

DSC_0062(2) C

DSC_0070(2) C

DSC_0055(2) C

DSC_0072(2) C

DSC_0056(2) C

DSC_0073(2) C

DSC_0057(2) C

DSC_0079(2) C

DSC_0082(2) C

DSC_0091(2) C

Would you like to start seeing more black and white photos? πŸ™‚

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Princess Ivy | A Photo Shoot

Ivy was playing dress up with Charlotte’s clothes, and looked so sweet that I had to take her out for a photo shoot. πŸ™‚

This is actually in a pretty little park that we happened to see during some travels.


DSC_0599 C

DSC_0597 C

DSC_0594 C

No, dress, don’t stick up! (Anyone else having issues with this?)

DSC_0589 C

Ivy brought her book to read.DSC_0586(2) C

“Hmm….where should I sit?”DSC_0580 C

“I wonder if there’s a bench around here somewhere…”DSC_0572 C

“Well…not seeing one.”

DSC_0574(2) C

“I hope this ground’s not too dirty!”

DSC_0579 C

DSC_0576 C

DSC_0575 C

What’s your favorite book?

DSC_0571 C

Do you have a favorite place to read? I’d lots rather be reading inside, but the human’s not that good at indoor pictures. Plus, all our chairs and things are still packed. (Good thing us dolls don’t mind standing most of the time!


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Stuart’s Adventure


We drove to where we used to live (doctor appointments and other EXCITING stuff like that πŸ˜‰ ) and Stuart came along. He went on a few adventures…

Wanna see?


DSC_0909(2) C

DSC_0912(2) CThe fog over this lake was so so pretty. ❀

DSC_0917 C

DSC_0920(2) C

This is the same lake later in the day:

DSC_0975 C

We stopped at a little roadside park on a much much bigger lake:

DSC_0923(2) CThe angle between Stuart and the sun was really tough. I couldn’t seem to get my reflector right.

DSC_0925(2) CI probably should have used my flash on all of them…
DSC_0922(2) C

DSC_0920(2). C

See the little white dot in the middle of my picture? That’s a seagull. Don’t feed the seagulls, okay? Promise.

Or the Canadian Geese. πŸ™‚

DSC_0928(2) C

Stuart, buddy, I think that walking stick is just a little too big for you. πŸ™‚

DSC_0929(2) C

DSC_0930(2) C

Well, it’s a valiant effort, anyway.

DSC_0933 C

What’s that?

DSC_0936 C

A mossy path! Neat!

DSC_0937 C

DSC_0932 C


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Shirley’s School Fashions

Hey Peeps! It’s Shirley!

DSC_0797(2) C

Summer’s basically over, *sob* which means that school has started *sob*.

So…it’s time to talk about cool weather fashions!

If you’ve got a human like mine, chances are they hardly ever buy you the clothes you want. *sigh*

DSC_0798(2) C

So…this little post is all about re-utilizing the lovely things you have into something even more fashion forward!

‘All this without freezing yourself to death! Because it’s September and only like 50 or 60 degrees out

We’ll start with a basic summer outfit:

DSC_0799(2) C

Adorbs, right? But not for school. So lets change that, shall we?

*Add warmer shoes.

DSC_0803(2) C

Charlotte says you loose lots of heat through your head and feet. So we’ll fix that!

Even something as simple as socks, stockings, leggings or a different pair of shoes will help you be more school ready!DSC_0814(2) C

And if you’re wearing a dress, don’t forget undergarments like bloomers!

DSC_0802(2) C

*Put your hair down, or wear a hat.

I put my hair down since we didn’t have a hat that matched. The human really needs to buy us more stuff!

*Add another layer.

DSC_0811(2) C

Yay! This is supes cute! Lol, this is actually Corbin’s shirt, I think. But he left it at Charlotte’s, so, ya know, it’s fair game!

That’s all for now, peeps!


Umm…I’m done, right?

You are gonna put a ton of pictures of me up, right?
But not audio. ‘Cuz I hate being recorded.

Ooh…okay, bye then! πŸ™‚

DSC_0808(2) C

DSC_0821(2) C



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2D10 | Addy’s BeForever School Outfit | Lissie | Becca |With Kind of a Review


So…I was gonna do a ‘how to use a reflector’ post…but I realized that there are plenty of people who have already explained how to use a reflector and my explanations were…umm…not very stellar.

So you get the fun of looking it up and figuring it out yourself! πŸ˜‰

Anyway, back to today’s post! πŸ™‚

Ms. Lissie will be modeling Addy’s Beforever School Outfit in this photo shoot for 2D10 (2 Dolls 1 Outfit). She is not wearing the Crinoline and Chemise underneath.

Then, Becca will be wearing this same lovely dress–with the Crinoline and Chemise!


I resized all of these.

DSC_0807 C

This outfit comes with 4 pieces: Blouse, Skirt, and 2 hair bows, shown above.

I think it would’ve been neat to have an actual white blouse separately underneath that could be used to mix and match.

DSC_0808 C

The fabric feels pretty nice/of good quality.

The outfit fits my slightly plumper Pleasant Co. Felicity pretty well due to the fact that it’s meant to be worn over the Crinoline and Chemise.

DSC_0810 C

Right after I took this poor Lissie fell 8-10 feet into a bunch of damp pine needles!

She’s tough, though. A little brushing off of the assorted bugs, leaves, and needles…and we were back to our photo shoot. πŸ™‚

DSC_0813 C

DSC_0819 C

DSC_0820 C

I love how the pine needles set off her pretty hair. ❀

DSC_0822 C

Because she’s such an old doll, her wig is on the thin side, which is why I don’t put it into many different styles.

DSC_0828 C

DSC_0824 C

The light can sure change fast!


Okay, now it’s Becca’s turn:

Becca is wearing the Crinoline and Chemise underneath. πŸ™‚

DSC_0099 C

Messy curls. πŸ˜›

DSC_0093 C

DSC_0103 C

My Becca has such dark hazel eyes. :-0

DSC_0106 C

No hair ribbons, sorry. πŸ™‚ I didn’t feel like messing with them.

DSC_0110 C

Look at that full skirt!

DSC_0113 C

Ooh…I wonder where that pink came from? There’s no way it’s me photobombing… πŸ˜‰

DSC_0117 C

DSC_0120 C

The hazel is so intenseΒ that her eyes look brown sometimes.

DSC_0133 C

DSC_0128 C

Pretty tree bark. πŸ™‚
Here’s a few extra, just for fun:

DSC_0130 C

DSC_0132 C

DSC_0115 C

So…who is your pick? Lissie or Becca?

*sigh* As mentioned earlier, I resized all of these. Did I do something wrong? They’re so grainy. On my computer screen they’re beautifully crisp, and oh! I want you, my lovely reader, to be able to see them like that.

With prayers for all those dealing with the hurricanes,


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