AG’s January Release! My Thoughts

Hey Peeps!
Today we’re gonna talk about the new stuff AG just released (excluding Luciana’s collection). All photos are by American Girl.




Tenney’s Pre-Show Bundle (each item is sold separately, so to purchase all would be $45).

First, 45 for all this seems pretty steep. Couldn’t AG have sold it as one outfit? Also, totally NOT digging the fringed shirt. Or the jacket. Moving on…

Tenney’s Split Front Dress-$15 Oh…I think I see why the ‘bundle’ is sold in pieces. You have to layer the shorts under this so called ‘dress’. 😦 This split front style seems way to mature for the intended audience. If it had be a nice, simple, solid dress I would definitely have considered purchasing it, but with a giant gap in the front? No thank you. :-/


Tenney’s Show Shoes-$10 These are cute, and seem versatile.


Tenney’s Microphone Set-$15 This also seems like a versatile set, but at $15, knowing AG, it will probably be pretty flimsy. 😦


Tenney’s Rosy Sunglasses-$10 These. Are. Adorable. I want some in my size!


Tenney’s Concert Tee-$10 This is actually pretty cute!


Truly Me #74-$115 American GIRL has BOY dolls! Not just Logan as a friend to Tenney! WHAAAATTT?!?

So TM #74 is a modified Classic mold. I don’t really like the modifications, but maybe they’ll grow on me. His eyebrows look like those on Our Generation dolls, which I don’t really care for. I feel pretty much the same way about all the Truly Me boy dolls.

Although my goal is to eventually own all of AG’s face molds, if I don’t start connecting with these boys/actually liking them, they won’t be joining the family.

But Stuart could use the meet outfit!


Truly Me #75-$115
TM #75 is a modified Jess mold. He’s maybe a smidge cuter than #74? Maybe.


Truly Me #76-$115 He’s also kinda sorta cute. I think I’d like him if he had different eyebrows.


FLK87_Truly_Me_Doll_77_Truly_Me_Boy_Doll_Dark_Skin_Dark_Brown_Hair_Brown_Eyes_1.jpgTruly Me #77-$115 These closed mouths are gonna take a lot of getting used to!


Everyday Accessories-$30 These are pretty hipster-y for Stuart (not to mention he’s only 8 and WAAAAAY to young for a smartphone) but I do have a custom boy planned for some point that these would be perfect for!


Star Spangled Fan Gear-$34 I want a pair of those beautiful red jeans in my size..and that hat. I love how patriotic this outfit is!


American Girl Snack Stand-$85

Didn’t we just have a snack stand for Lea?


Sun & Fun Outfit-$28 The shirt isn’t as much my style, I’d have preferred it plain. The shoes look nice and sturdy, though, and I can see Stuart getting a lot of use out of the hat and…Stuart’s been wanting some navy shorts!

FLY24_Sunny_Day_Dress_1.jpgSunny Day Dress-$28 I don’t usually like stuff that’s on the orange side–maybe I’m just pining for warmth and sunlight–but I actually like this quite a bit!


Dino-mite Outfit-$28 I see what you did there, AG… I could see Stuart wearing the shirt. The shorts and shoes aren’t his style, but again, I could see my yet-to-be-brought-into-existence custom boy wearing them!

Also this guy^ is starting to grow on me. And so is the Jess mold boy. Uh-oh! Send help!

FLY23_Explore_the_Outdoors_Outfit_1.jpgExplore the Outdoors Outfit-$28 Yeah, exploring the outdoors in sandals sounds like a brilliant idea! So practical! Maybe the sidewalks… I do like the shirt though. πŸ™‚


Chameleon Terrarium Set-$30 Kinda wierd. But kinda cute. Ish.

Skipping over AG’s mermaid inspired mix-n-match set,Β  we’ll glance at a few of the new fashion accessories that have been added:


Gold Glitter Boots-$10 These are cute, if only because they’re sparkly! I don’t think I’d get much use out of them, though, so I probably won’t get them.


Cool Treats High Tops-$10 These are kinda fun, too, but the same goes for these.


Knit Rhinestone Beanie-$10 Cute, but…I already have a pink beanie and two berets. So I really don’t need it! πŸ˜€


Shark Baseball Cap-$10 Another thing for my future custom boy doll. πŸ™‚


Chambray Cadet Cap-$10 I think Kit would like this. πŸ™‚


Dark-Blue Glasses-$10 These are pretty cute, too. πŸ™‚

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2 Responses to AG’s January Release! My Thoughts

  1. The terrarium is too small, but then Carrot’s hutch is too small too. I don’t mind the closed mouth on the boys – Kaya has a closed mouth. The split front dress is kind of pretty; however, the dress should be paired with the shorts and shoes as a red carpet look for Tenney. I do love her rosy sunglasses and he blue glasses.

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